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About Us

Uncle Darrow's Catering offers a diversified menu for you to select from to customize your next  event.  We specialize in authentic Cajun, New Orleans and southern cuisines and have provided catering service in Greater Los Angeles since 1994. We offer full-service catering, delivery to the location of your choice, or you may pick up your order from Darrow's New Orleans Grill in Carson.  Our goal is to make your event a complete success… whether it's a corporate event, film production shoot, wedding, business lunch, reception or small private gathering with friends.  


Uncle Darrow's Catering is a division of Uncle Darrow's Inc., a Los Angeles based corporation engaged in the restaurant and confectionary business.  The company was originally founded as a confectionary manufacturer in 1988, using traditional family recipes that were handed down over generations.

Uncle Darrow's entered the restaurant business in 1994, when an opportunity arose to acquire the balance of a restaurant lease.  This gave birth to the Uncle Darrow's Cajun/Creole Eatery originally located at 5301 West Venice Blvd., in Los Angeles.  The ultra-casual, open air eatery featured Southern delicacies such as file' gumbo, fried farm raised catfish, jambalaya, red beans and rice and of course po' boy sandwiches, all at down home prices.

The tradition continued, with the opening of our next location at 2560 S. Lincoln Blvd., in Marina Del Rey in January 2001.  The Company prepares the majority of its products out of a 1,200 square foot commissary in Los Angeles.  Uncle Darrow's also offers competitive prices to the wholesale market.

Because of our commitment to excellence, we are constantly striving to develop ways to be on the cutting edge, so that we can identify the needs that are going unfulfilled.  Our "blueprint" plan encompasses many innovative and clever ideas, which we strategically implemented to make the most of those opportunities that measure up to the standards we have established for Uncle Darrow's.

The entire Uncle Darrow's family shares this vision and carries forth the ideas that continue to serve as the impetus for the unbridled growth that we have come to accept as the "UNCLE DARROW'S WAY OF LIFE!"

Our Mission

The Uncle Darrow's family prides itself on making the best quality gourmet foods this side of the Mason Dixon Line while providing excellent customer care.  We at Uncle Darrow's strive to be recognized by our customers for the highest quality and most reliable products in the world.  We are known for our professionalism and unparalleled customer care.  Uncle Darrow's is a family, with all members contributing to its growth and success.  The family loves the community, be it near or far, and expresses its love by taking an active role in building and shaping its future.  We deal with customers, suppliers and each other with honesty fairness and integrity…and we do what we agree to do!

Customers have always inspired our quest for the best product and experience and we are passionate about improving even the littlest things.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Uncle Darrow's experience…let us know, and we'll find a solution just right for you!

Family History

Legend has it, many years ago during a time in history when mere survival was synonymous with good living, and the word entrepreneur was not in vogue, a candy company was born in a little river parish town down in the bayous of Louisiana, and operated out of a small cottage. As Uncle Darrow’s put it, “Ya jus’ do whatcha gotta do”.

This story is now being regarded as one of AMERICA’S SWEETEST SUCCESS STORIES, and has been recognized as a great family tradition. It’s believed the Uncle Darrow’s story started in the late 1800’s when this plantation field hand began using discarded sugar from a local sugar mill to make a sweet treat for his kids. Because the candy was such a fine delight, fate saw fit to match his self-styled product with the mouths of the multitude, thereby creating a lasting celebration of confectionery genius.

Uncle Darrow combined the best blend of nuts and other natural ingredients in preparing this gourmet delight. Experience contagious enthusiasm when you turn back the hands of time and relive pleasurable moments from the past through Uncle Darrow’s products. We've taken a simple idea and made it special, and from that special idea, we’re making it unforgettable.  Now let's fast-forward to February 1, 1988!

From the inception of what seemed to be a grandiose idea over a decade ago, a small group of committed entrepreneurs have struggled to keep their dream alive. Actually, the idea was simple and merely entailed taking a dormant part of their heritage and bringing it back to life in contemporary times as a vibrant business entity.

We at Uncle Darrow's have turned this venture into adventure. All of us here have been endowed with the "vision". But, we are never overwhelmed by the grandeur of our vision.

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Customers have always inspired our quest for the best catering experience and we are passionate about improving even the smallest things.

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Enjoy delicious, mouth-watering breakfast Cajun style for you next morning event.  Fresh & Hot!!! !

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